February 23, 2019

January 2019 Green Tips and Resolutions

January’s Green Tip:  Caring for Creation in Action!

Perhaps you’ve already made New Year’s resolution centered on health and wellness for 2019. The Parkway Sustainability Seekers ask you to consider making a “green” resolution this year and share it with us.  There will be a poster in the “Gathering Space” this Sunday with post it notes and pens for you to post your favorite, or what you consider your most important, “Green Resolution”.

Here are a few resolutions from your Sustainability Committee:

  • Buying and using metal straws to have when ordering a drink out
  • Having my reusable cup with me when filling a drink at a fast food type restaurant
  • Planting a tree in the coming year
  • Attempting to contact catalogue companies and get off their mailing lists
  • Making sure to use reusable bags in stores and be sure to keep some in every car I use
  • If you forget your “reusable bag”, ask for a paper bag – not great, but better than plastic – baby steps.  Sometimes I forget and leave the bags in my car, then you can just wheel the cart out to the car and load up your bags there.  Depends on how dedicated you are!!!
  • Trying to buy in bulk more to cut down on packaged food purchases
  • Making sure there is a bag with containers in both cars to take into restaurants rather than use their carry-out containers
  • Continue with the compost pile I started in my back yard
  • Keep the thermostat lower and throw on a sweat shirt or sweater if needed
  • Write to local and national leaders to support green legislation
  • Don’t use any throw away, disposable, recyclable plastic water bottles in 2019!
  • Goals we have for our fellow PUCC members are to:
  • Attend one of our meetings
  • Attend our upcoming movie event on February 17th
  • Continue steps to becoming an Energy Star Congregation!
  • Leave us your Green Resolutions and