January 19, 2019

January 2016 Adult Education

Jan. 3 – Mental Health Today in our Region—Tina Leonard, RN
Our Adult Education speaker for the first Sunday in January is Tiana Leonard, an RN working toward her Advanced Practice degree in Family Psych. She is employed at Saint Mary’s Health in Richmond Heights in Behavioral Health. Ms Leonard has practiced nursing for decades and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her audience. Her achievements have won her recognition and awards for superior service to this population.


Jan. 10 – Constructing our Reality: How Identity Affects Conflicts in the Middle EastPUCCer Paul Roesler

The war in Syria has become a proxy war between Shiite Iran and Sunni Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Paul Roesler, professor of Political Science at St. Charles Community College will discuss the importance of religious identity in this conflict.  Paul argues that identity is constructed and that these constructs affect not just the war in Syria, but also the Israeli/Palestine conflict and many other the issues facing the world today.


Jan. 17 – Gems from Bangladesh and BomboluluPUCCer Ruth Peace will talk about the story of the Plowsharing Crafts Stores in St Louis. Plowsharing Crafts provides meaningful income to skilled artisans around the world by marketing their products in the St. Louis area since 1985. We are a ministry of the St. Louis Mennonite Fellowship and a proud Member of the Fair Trade Federation.


Jan. 24 – Shhhh—Be A Secret Shopper. Have you ever wanted to go under cover? Is there a name you wish your parents gave you and/or a nickname you’d like to be called? Arrive ten minutes before the worship service you do NOT usually attend—Traditional or Informal. Enter the parking lot with a clear mind… walk up to the building as if you are coming for the very first time. Meet the greeter and make a nametag using the name of your choice. Notice everything about worship, fellowship, the building … and feel free to take notes along the way. Ask questions of anyone you meet. Make up a great story about who you are. We would be so grateful to hear your impressions of Parkway UCC as if you were a first time visitor. Thank you! Shhhh.


Jan 31 – Chat with the Stews – Stewardship Commission! Next Sunday is our Annual Budget Meeting so come to this Adult Ed session to talk through our mission and ministry – as well as the cost and joy of discipleship in this time and place. We have incredible gifts and resources at Parkway UCC… and with this comes responsibility… so let’s also bring our creativity and spirit.