January 19, 2019

Go Green for Winter

1. Close the vents in rooms you don’t use Closing the vents in less utilized rooms such as guest rooms or storage rooms is an easy way to go green at home during the chillier months. This small adjustment helps efficiently redirect air (and heat) to the rooms where you spend most of your time, keeping you warm, and your heating bill low. Best of all, it only takes a second and doesn’t cost a dime!  

2. Wrap windows and look for air leaks It’s common for cold drafts of air to make their way inside during the colder months, especially in older homes with single pane windows. A good solution is covering your windows with a layer of film – it adds insulation and minimizes the amount of cold air that can get in. You can buy a winter insulation kit at your local hardware store, or better yet, use that leftover bubble wrap from the holidays to cover your windows. Don’t forget to look for leaks in other parts of your home like floors, doors, recessed lighting, and unfinished cabinets. Anywhere you can block cold air from entering, the better chance you have of reducing your winter energy bill.

3. Use a space heater Smaller, single floor homes can save energy by using a space heater instead of a central heating system. A space heater is a portable heating unit that generally runs on electricity and serves as an instant source of heat. Similar to closing vents in rooms you don’t utilize, using a space heater is a great way to go green at home during the winter as it lets you heat only the rooms you spend time in. Do make sure to buy a space heater with the proper safety features, including auto-shutoff when it is tipped over or when the unit overheats. And, of course, never leave it on while unattended.  

4. Pull out that humidifier As you think about how to go green at home, a humidifier may not be something that initially comes to mind. However, humidifiers are key to keeping the air in your home comfortable while the heater is running. Additionally, the moist air created by a humidifier holds heat in better – allowing you to turn your thermostat down to a lower setting. So if you want to alleviate your home’s dry air, and save energy, a humidifier may be the perfect solution to help you go green at home this season!GG