January 19, 2019

February 2016 Adult Education

February 7– One Family Worship

February 14 – Bob McClelland – Theological Tabletalk

A chance to raise questions about Faith and Life in an informal atmosphere as well as a chance to “cuss and discuss” responses. Bob believes many church members, as well as “honest skeptics,” have doubts and questions about faith that they either never had a chance to ask in church or were afraid to raise. The last time Bob was with us he developed a course based on his most recent book, Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up; a Skeptical Believer’s Guide to the Reality of Christ. It received the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence, but he is the author of more than twenty other books relating faith to life including: God our Loving Enemy, Chance to Dance, The Scandal and the Star, Praying the Possibilities, Worldly Spirituality, Fire in the Hole, Architects of Worship and Lord of the Sabbath.

Bob McClelland is an ordained Presbyterian minister, studied theology at McCormick Theological Seminary, the University of Edinburgh, and earned a doctoral degree in the Science of Theology from San Francisco Theological Seminary. He was invited to be a Merrill Fellow at Harvard University. His careers have been in college and seminary teaching as well as pastoral ministry. He brings to his writing and teaching the experience of a former television talk show host and weather man, an insurance salesman, and an award winning watercolorist. He holds Signature membership in the Missouri National Watercolor Society. Together he and his wife of over 62 years have blessed the world with three magnificent children and nine incredible grandchildren—all of whom, he concedes—are better looking and smarter than he is.

February 21 – Andy Wilson—Faith Journey

Andy Wilson, who joined PUCC with his wife Kristan in the fall of 2014, will share his Faith Journey and talk a bit about his first year at Eden Seminary.

Andy was looking for a faith community that was warm, focused on outreach, inclusive, relevant. We are so very fortunate that he and his bride found us. He jumped in right away—mingling, moving tables and chairs for events, attending workshops and mixers. He settled in well—teaching Sunday School, becoming a lay reader in worship. Andy is calm, gentle, unhurried—great qualities for a clergyperson which were surely invaluable when he was working on an ambulance for a decade. He is also inquisitive and likes to push the boundaries a bit but does it with tact and the desire to keep everyone at the table.

Not having grown up in our UCC, his faith has been stretching and shifting so that he could find us. He has great respect for where he has been and gives sincere thanks for the faith and family that he grew up in, though he is in a much different place theologically and socially than they are today.

Andy just started his second semester at Eden Seminary. He simply cannot get enough! He has been fully engaged in his studies. Fortunately for him, he loves to read—having been a history major in undergraduate school serves him well now.

February 28 – A List for Lent

Jesus talks about many faith practices. We have made a list for this Lent and have been intentional about this time and space that has been carved out for us. Our attention is on scripture, our own experience, Jesus’ story as well as the history and now of our congregation and denomination … courage, vulnerability, patience, flexibility, receptivity, advocacy and generosity. How are you doing with these? Which one(s) have grabbed you? Which one(s) are you resisting? This morning’s session will help you focus in on our List for Lent.