October 17, 2018

Design a Sanctuary Banner!

Design a Sanctuary Banner!

Have you ever been inspired by, or maybe we should say touched by the Holy Spirit through, a banner hanging in our sanctuary? Many have and it is the desire of the Worship Commission to expand our banner inventory. As you may expect, volunteer help is needed to do this.

Our first endeavor will be a banner for baptisms. At this time we are soliciting designs. If it will help your creative juices flow, feel free to study the existing banners. A common size is 30″ wide by 78″ high. Rough conceptual drawings are welcome.

We will also need helping hands to construct the winning design. Experience will of course be useful, but not necessary. We just want to commune in fun with a creative flair and produce an inspiring product.

Please submit your design by March 1, 2016, to the church office in care of the Worship Commission. Don’t forget to put your name on it. To volunteer to help with construction put your name and information on the sign-up sheet in the Gathering Space. To ask questions contact Kris McKenzie: 314-567-0429; kmck57@yahoo.com.