January 19, 2019

December 2015 Adult Education

8717119_orig December 6: Scott Holl, Archivist at Eden Seminary, will speak on German Heritage in St. Louis and the connection to the German Evangelical Church, one of the predecessor denominations to our United Church of Christ. Over this past summer, Scott was promoted to Manager of the St. Louis County Library Special Collections Department (history and genealogy) where he had been Assistant Manager since 2007. The History and Genealogy Department is one of the top genealogy libraries in the US and is well known internationally in genealogical circles. Scott is an expert in the history of the St. Louis area and particularly of the American and European religious currents that brought so many German immigrants to the Midwest. He brings this expertise to his work as Eden Archivist and to our efforts to understand and preserve the historical roots of Eden Seminary and the Evangelical Synod of North America tradition within our United Church of Christ.
 historic santuary drawing  December 13: PUCC Historian, Naomi Runtz will share the history of our church. Naomi is so passionate about our PUCC story. Come to be reminded and to learn new things.
 nativity440  Dec 20: Kevin Hogarty—The Nativity Story: Real? Relevant?
Join us as we revisit the stories of the season that we know so well. Or do we? Are they historical stories or myths that have something to teach us? Over two weeks, PUCC member, Kevin Hogarty will facilitate a study of the stories told by Matthew and Luke. Is there more here than the children’s stories we know form Sunday School, Christmas carols and Charlie Brown? Come and explore these stories!


December 27: One Family at 10:00am—NO AE