January 19, 2019

Christmas Caroling Oppotunities

Join Us for Christmas Caroling!

Sat Dec 8 | 12:30 – 3:30pm | Mon Dec 17 | 9:00am – noon

All ages, all singing abilities invited! We will run through a couple of songs and head out. We will be visiting special friends of Parkway to usher in the season with songs and fellowship. Contact Kevin: kevin@parkwayucc.org


More Caroling! We have packaged 97 bags of candy for the children who live in a complex of immigrant families off Hodiamont. On Dec 16 we will leave the church at 3:00pm—along with Santa—to deliver the candy you so generously supplied. If you wish to join us we will be singing Santa songs. If anyone has a Guitar that would be great.