February 23, 2019

Sunday Adult Ed

In response to God’s transforming love, Parkway United Church of Christ commits itself to the duty and joy of providing opportunities to increase each person’s faith in every stage of life. As we worship, learn, and serve together, we offer experiences which exercise both knowledge of God and trust in God.

Adult education helps persons to faithfully engage religious, social, and political issues facing our contemporary community, thereby promoting growth as Christ’s servants dedicated to fulfilling God’s mission throughout the world. Our Adult Education is sort of like Adult Sunday School. Most weeks we have a speaker (either from Parkway United Church of Christ or from the community) share about his/her organization or topic of interest.

Join us on Sundays during either worship service for Adult Education.

Let the Sun Shine

Parkway Speaker Series Inaugural Event: Let the Sun Shine—A Sunday Adult Ed Opportunity

Sunday, February 24 | 11:15am | Heritage Room

Solar Power: What is it and how much does it cost?

A presentation and conversation with our own Kent Tallyn.


With the increasing interest in sustainable energy and the gradual expansion of the solar power installation industry, many people are wondering if it is right for them. This discussion will center on how the sun’s energy is harnessed and how it can reduce your carbon footprint as well as the economic viability and installation costs of solar power in your home. Come with your questions.


*Kent went through some training so he could be prepared to be a home owner that is using solar power.


Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution Feb 17 Adult Ed

HAPPENING: A Clean Energy RevolutionSpecial Adult Ed

Sunday, February 17 | 11:15am | Heritage Room

“Can we make enough renewable energy to supply the world and replace fossil fuels? HOW can we do that, and WILL we do that?” That is the question film maker Jamie Redford asks in the HBO documentary titled: HAPPENING: A Clean Energy Revolution. The Parkway Sustainability Seekers and Interfaith Power and Light will present this 71-minute film during adult education on February 17 in the Heritage Room. A light lunch will be provided during the movie and discussion. Preview the film at


October 2018 Adult Education

PUCC October Adult Education Opportunities


Video Lecture by Matthew Vines

Sunday October 7, 2018

We will show Matthew Vines’ video lecture on the texts in the Bible that appear to support anti-gay feelings. He discusses his journey as a gay man and his interpretation of the scriptures. Join the ONA team for a light lunch while we watch part of the presentation and follow up with discussion. A written transcript will be available. RSVP to sign up on the poster in Gathering Space.


Treasuring a Transgender Child

presenter October 14, 2018 11:15am

Lisa Brennan

Lisa Brennan is the proud daughter of a UCC pastor, married to her husband for 30 years. In January of 2018, Lisa started a new chapter of life, as her youngest child shared with the family that she is a transgender woman. After some adjustment, the Brennan family has found that when you treasure someone for who they are, it is magical and sacred. Lisa wrote a beginner’s guidebook for family and friends, and to her surprise it was widely shared, with several groups asking her to share her story.


Learning about Gender and Sexuality

October 21 11:15 am Autumn Dennis, presenter,

In this session, we will be sharing our stories and experiences of how we “know” our gender and sexuality. We will discuss how gender and sexuality are different, various key terms that are helpful to know, and will discuss how to use neutral pronouns in conversation.



August 2018 Adult Education Offerings

Worship Focus Group on August 5 The two worship vitality teams and the Worship Commission invite you to join us on August 5 in the Gathering Space following the morning worship service. Light refreshments will be provided. Please plan to be part of the discussion—feedback on our summer worship experiences, dreaming and visioning future worship experiences at PUCC!


The Parkway Sustainability Seekers will sponsor a two-part adult education opportunity on August 12 and 26, presenting the film Racing Extinction, an eco-thriller that examines mankind’s role in mass extinction. Filmed by an Academy Award®-winning film crew using state-of-the-art equipment, the documentary attempts to change how we understand endangered species and mass extinction. Racing Extinction was well reviewed when originally shown on the Discovery Channel and has been described as both “sobering and hopeful.” The film and discussion will begin at 11:15am in the Heritage Room. Contact Polly Winkelmann: winkwoods@charter.net | 314-503-4805


Jane Biehl, PHD, is a frequent visitor to Parkway. She is the sister of member Susan Moellering and her biggest fan! Jane’s home church is Congregational United Church of Christ, an open and affirming congregation in Canton, Ohio.

Jane has had several careers including librarian, counselor, college teacher and writer. Jane was born hard of hearing and is now profoundly deaf. Her faithful hearing ear dog, Sita, has been partnered with her for 11 years.

Jane will be speaking on August 19th about 2 of her latest books. Paw Prints On My Soul; Lessons of a Service Dog, is a devotional about all the wonderful teachings Sita has given her. Unfortunately, Sita will not be there because she is too old to travel. Jane was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow cancer in 2010 and her second book is Life is Short – Eat the Donut: Insights from my Cancer Journey. Jane will be bringing books with her and will autograph them for anyone who is interesting in buying them. She will speak about both of her books and how both Sita and the cancer have profoundly affected her faith journey.

Adult Education: April 2018

Effective Communication Strategies

An Education Program by the Alzheimer’s Association

Sunday, April 15 | 9:30 & 11:00am | Heritage Room

Communication is more than just talking and listening—it’s also about sending and receiving messages through attitude, tone of voice, facial expressions and body language. As people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias progress in their journey and their ability to use words is lost, families need new ways to connect. Join us to explore how communication takes place when someone has Alzheimer’s, learn to decode the verbal and behavioral messages delivered by someone with dementia, and identify strategies to help you connect and communicate at each stage of the disease.


Sylvester Brown & the Sweet Potato Project


Sunday, April 22| 9:30 & 11:00am | Heritage Room

Former St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Sylvester Brown grew up on the streets of north St. Louis, neighborhoods where drug dealing is often the definition of being an entrepreneur. In 2012, Brown began “The Sweet Potato Project,” a summer program aimed at teaching “at-risk” youth entrepreneurial skills. Students plant sweet potatoes that they turn into a viable, marketable product—a sweet potato cookie.


“We recruit inner-city youth to plant sweet potatoes on vacant lots. We provide them with a 10-week summer job where they learn marketing, branding, sales, product development and more. At the end of the summer job, they turn their produce into products. At this time, the students sell sweet potato cookies. The whole idea is to show our kids how to become entrepreneurs in their own neighborhoods. As we demonstrate that young people in our community can be self-sustainable and facilitate the lifecycle of products created from locally grown produce, the concept will be expanded.” 


The mission of the Sweet Potato Project is to restore economic activity in North St. Louis by creating alternative and progressive ways of producing and distributing locally grown products and to teach young men and women sustainable business and entrepreneurial skills that can change their lives. 


Join us immediately following this 11:00am Adult Ed session for a yummy vegetarian luncheon in the Fellowship Hall. Details…

July 2016 Adult Education

September 5, 2017 Update: No Adult Ed Offerings at this time.


June 2016 Adult Education

June 5—Annual Meeting after 10am One Family Worship… no AE sessions


June 12—Stretch your Legs and Your Spirit at the Labyrinth

You’ve heard us talk about the mystery of the Labyrinth for years. You’ve thought about trying it with us but it has never fit in your calendar. Join us today as we head in two different directions—south on Ballas, left on Clayton and right on Geyer to the Mercy Center OR north on Ballas just beyond Ladue to Congregation Shaare Emeth where you can walk an outdoor labyrinth. A primer handout will be available that morning in the Gathering Space. While this is a personal and quiet experience, we will arrange for carpooling…we just ask you not to speak while at the Labyrinth—prepping on the way and debriefing on the way back is highly encouraged! [This is a wonderful experience rain or shine!]


June 19—Tell Me About Telemed and other Med Tech

PUCCer Mike Stolze quit his job several years ago to answer the call to be a nurse. Balancing partnering, parenting and preparing for nursing was no small task! Mike has served in different settings and has moved into a fascinating new area with telemedicine – the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. It’s a bit like a sci-fi film from the last century!


June 26 – Yoga Six

Perhaps you’ve seen the new yoga studio at Ballas and Manchester Roads? As we move into our Healthy Bodies pieces of our Renewal Time, come learn about the latest in yoga—this will be an experience for your mind, body and spirit … bring someone with you so it will also deepen your relationships!


April 2016 Adult Education

April 3—Somos Vecinos (We are Neighbors)

Join us for Adult Education this Sunday at 9:30am or 11:00am to meet Karlos Ramirez, Executive Director of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis. We’ll learn about the HCC’s history, mission, successes, struggles. Karlos will share some stories of businesses and people. How can we be more aware and more intentional about understanding and supporting multiracial multicultural individuals, families, businesses and communities in our richly diverse corner of the world? Karlos will also share some common misconceptions about the Hispanic chamber and the culture.


April 10Mystery Worshipper II

We need your help this morning! Today’s Adult Education session is not one that people attend in the Heritage Room. Instead, this is an opportunity to help our church become a more faithful and hospitable place. We need you—you’re your evaluation/critique of our worship services. Please contact Kevin ahead of time so he can give you a worksheet to fill out as you plan to be a “secret” or “mystery” worshipper…or pick up a copy on the round table in the Gathering Space anytime in April. The worksheet invites you to record your impressions of everything from viewing our website to arriving at the church, finding your way through the building, navigating worship, attending Fellowship Time, etc. This is all part of a course Kevin is taking on “Church Renewal.” Feel free to fill out the worksheet anonymously or sign it and drop it in the office at the end of the morning—or arrange to meet with Kevin to go over your findings.

[Youth Arts Worship will take place during our Informal Worship Service at 11:00am and we would like you to attend in order to support our youth and to experience a different kind of worship.]

Mystery+Worshipper+Checklist (Also available on the round table in the Gathering Space.)


April 17This I Believe

Join us for Adult Education this Sunday at 9:30am or 11:00am as we ponder what others believe. You may recall the 1950s radio program of the same name, hosted by acclaimed journalist Edward R. Murrow. Each day, Americans gathered by their radios to hear compelling essays from the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, Helen Keller, and Harry Truman as well as corporate leaders, cab drivers, scientists, and secretaries—anyone able to distill into a few minutes the guiding principles by which they lived. These essayists’ words brought comfort and inspiration to a country worried about the Cold War, McCarthyism, and racial division. In reviving This I Believe in since 2000, Executive Producer Dan Gediman said, “The goal is not to persuade Americans to agree on the same beliefs. Rather, the hope is to encourage people to begin the much more difficult task of developing respect for beliefs different from their own.”

We will listen to several brief essays and discuss them.


April 24—(9:30am only*) Out of Scarcity Into A World of Possibility

Let’s think about Roman Catholicism and the UCC in this age and the next—not a comparison, but are there parallels? PUCC members are reading John Dorhauer’s Beyond Resistance described as “a template …to inspire commitment to the common good…” during a time of  “…perceived diminishment in capacity, relevance, and impact” of the Church. Worldwide, assisted by Pope Francis’ concern for all the people of God, there is renewed interest in the teachings of Vatican II, the Ecumenical Council that occurred more than 50 years ago. (vatican2voice.org). Come to participate in a conversation with two Catholic Sisters—Marianne Race, CSJ, and Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ—about how their congregations have evolved since their renewal of the basis of their faith and focus on their mission, inspired by Vatican II. Hear what steps have been effective in their continuing journey to enact “the church’s willingness to operate in the contemporary realm.” (St. Louis NPR News), and discuss the potential relevance to our congregation’s mission. [Marianne is the sister or PUCCer Rich Race.]


*The theme of the Informal Worship Service at 11:00am today is Breaking the Silence: Say the words. Work for change. Support the Survivors. This worship service will be a chance for the church to acknowledge together the realities of rape and sexual violence; to create a community where survivors can share their stories and receive support, hope, and love; and to prayerfully consider ways in which we can be advocates for change in our communities and around the world. This worship experience with have some PG-13 moments.

We are focusing on this at 11:00am worship only – though we will talk about it briefly at 9:30am service. We want people to know about this beforehand so they are prepared.

March 2016 Adult Education

March 6A Five Point Plan for our United Church of Christ!

Join John Dorhauer via youtube as we look at his Five Point Plan for our denomination. We will be stretched to think about our unique ministry as a faith family in St Louis and on the American landscape and across the globe. We have a great opportunity to jumpstart our book study of John’s BEYOND RESISTANCE: The Institutional Church Meets the Postmodern World. You will not be disappointed if you join us.


March 13Captain and Chief

Chief of Police Patrick Kranz and Captain Robert Arthur of the Town and Country Police Department will talk about policing in this community and St Louis. Pat and Bob met with a small group of PUCCers late last fall as we worked with Sacred Conversations on Race. They were engaging, forthcoming, authentic in our meeting. Come have a very positive experience with the Captain and Chief.


March 20—Spring Break NO AE


March 27—Easter NO AE

February 2016 Adult Education

February 7– One Family Worship

February 14 – Bob McClelland – Theological Tabletalk

A chance to raise questions about Faith and Life in an informal atmosphere as well as a chance to “cuss and discuss” responses. Bob believes many church members, as well as “honest skeptics,” have doubts and questions about faith that they either never had a chance to ask in church or were afraid to raise. The last time Bob was with us he developed a course based on his most recent book, Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up; a Skeptical Believer’s Guide to the Reality of Christ. It received the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence, but he is the author of more than twenty other books relating faith to life including: God our Loving Enemy, Chance to Dance, The Scandal and the Star, Praying the Possibilities, Worldly Spirituality, Fire in the Hole, Architects of Worship and Lord of the Sabbath.

Bob McClelland is an ordained Presbyterian minister, studied theology at McCormick Theological Seminary, the University of Edinburgh, and earned a doctoral degree in the Science of Theology from San Francisco Theological Seminary. He was invited to be a Merrill Fellow at Harvard University. His careers have been in college and seminary teaching as well as pastoral ministry. He brings to his writing and teaching the experience of a former television talk show host and weather man, an insurance salesman, and an award winning watercolorist. He holds Signature membership in the Missouri National Watercolor Society. Together he and his wife of over 62 years have blessed the world with three magnificent children and nine incredible grandchildren—all of whom, he concedes—are better looking and smarter than he is.

February 21 – Andy Wilson—Faith Journey

Andy Wilson, who joined PUCC with his wife Kristan in the fall of 2014, will share his Faith Journey and talk a bit about his first year at Eden Seminary.

Andy was looking for a faith community that was warm, focused on outreach, inclusive, relevant. We are so very fortunate that he and his bride found us. He jumped in right away—mingling, moving tables and chairs for events, attending workshops and mixers. He settled in well—teaching Sunday School, becoming a lay reader in worship. Andy is calm, gentle, unhurried—great qualities for a clergyperson which were surely invaluable when he was working on an ambulance for a decade. He is also inquisitive and likes to push the boundaries a bit but does it with tact and the desire to keep everyone at the table.

Not having grown up in our UCC, his faith has been stretching and shifting so that he could find us. He has great respect for where he has been and gives sincere thanks for the faith and family that he grew up in, though he is in a much different place theologically and socially than they are today.

Andy just started his second semester at Eden Seminary. He simply cannot get enough! He has been fully engaged in his studies. Fortunately for him, he loves to read—having been a history major in undergraduate school serves him well now.

February 28 – A List for Lent

Jesus talks about many faith practices. We have made a list for this Lent and have been intentional about this time and space that has been carved out for us. Our attention is on scripture, our own experience, Jesus’ story as well as the history and now of our congregation and denomination … courage, vulnerability, patience, flexibility, receptivity, advocacy and generosity. How are you doing with these? Which one(s) have grabbed you? Which one(s) are you resisting? This morning’s session will help you focus in on our List for Lent.