February 23, 2019

2nd Mile Lent & Easter 2018—Go the 2nd Mile with us!

The Christian Services Commission is pleased to announce that Parkway will again support four worthy organizations with its Second Mile Giving for Lent and Easter. We believe this blend of support will help Parkway create a local, national and international impact with its gifts. Please remember that Second Mile Giving is over and beyond the Operational Budget and donations will be divided evenly among the organizations listed below. Please be generous as these organizations depend on our gifts.


Lydia’s House in St. Louis

Lydia’s House works in faith to end domestic violence by being a place of healing and a voice of hope for abused women and their children. The agency provides safe, confidentially-located furnished apartments for up to two years, assists women in creating and implementing goal plans that will help them live independently, and increases community awareness of domestic violence. For more information, please visit lydiashouse.org


UP—Unleashing Potential (formerly Neighborhood Houses)

For more than 100 years, Neighborhood Houses has loved children in St Louis. Currently, there are three main facets to their mission:


Early Childhood Education—Caroline Mission is a licensed and accredited Early Childhood facility operated by Neighborhood Houses. Our Mission is to provide quality affordable child care for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Caroline Mission is a “home away from home.”


Girls’ Night Out: Neighborhood Houses and Parents as Teachers collaborated together in the design and execution of a program dedicated to supporting and assisting young mothers, ages 13-22.Girls Night Out  is designed to promote healthy individuals and families.


After School Programs: Neighborhood Houses is the #1 provider of after school programming with the St Louis Public Schools … fun & creative activities, homework assistance, character education, cultural awareness, health & fitness focus, arts & crafts, supervised recreation, and much more! For more information, please visit neighborhoodhouses.org


Heifer International

Heifer International does so much more than put food in the mouths of hungry people. Heifer helps people to feed themselves. The goal of every Heifer project is sustainability—project partners achieving self-reliance. And year after year, as partner families “pass on the gift” of knowledge and one or more of their animals’ offspring to others in need, they become links in a network of hope, dignity and self-reliance that helps hundreds of others care for themselves. For more information, please visit heifer.org



Eden Seminary

Eden Theological Seminary is a graduate school preparing women and men for ordained Christian ministry. One of the six seminaries of the United Church of Christ, Eden is a community that seeks God’s justice and peace in the world. Eden is welcoming, inclusive and ecumenically diverse.

Eden was established in the summer of 1850 at Marthasville, Missouri. It was established because a European education was not adequate to prepare pastors for Evangelical churches on the North American frontier. From its beginning, Eden has embodied an ecumenical spirit. Its first graduating class included six Evangelicals as well as a Methodist and a Mennonite.  

Eden admitted its first African American student in 1933. In 1965, the late Joseph Cardinal Ritter of the Saint Louis Archdiocese became the first Roman Catholic Cardinal to address a graduating class in a Protestant seminary.

Today, students from many different denominations are engaged in theological education at Eden. Eden remains committed to educating faithful and effective leaders for church and society. The seminary counts among its distinguished graduates Reinhold and H. Richard Niebuhr and Walter Brueggemann.

Eden Theological Seminary is committed to the study of theology in the context of the ecumenical Christian community and the contemporary world.

For more information, please visit eden.edu.

Please be sure to clearly mark your 2nd Mile gifts throughout the season of Lent/Easter. Thank you!

Summary of August 2015 Council Meeting

Summary of August Council meeting

At its August meeting, Council:

Toured the church property, including:

  • The historic sanctuary
  • The St. Louis Childrens’ Choir offices
  • The downstairs rooms including the youth rooms
  • And, best of all, the boiler room and Jennifer Lane

Heard about the success of Vacation Bible School, including the attendance of a number of new people this year, in part because of the outside sign

Discussed the search for a new PUNS interim director

Discussed the progress of meetings between the local religious community and Town & Country police, which have grown out of the sacred conversations on race

Approved Stewardship Commission’s recommendation that it arrange with eGive to provide members with online giving options

Discussed possible revisions to the church bylaws

Ministry Spotlight: Stewardship Commission

Line Against Bar Chart Shows Actual Against Budget
“The Stews” doing the grunt work of building the 2015 budget are Scherrer, Doug Detjen, John Dywer, Jeanette Kelly, and Ellie Svenson.
In other settings, the Stewardship Commission would be called the Finance Committee or the Ways and Means Committee. But in a church setting – where we recognize everything we have is a gift and that God calls us to handle those gifts with compassion and conscience–the Stewardship Commission helps us focus on why we’re giving and why we choose to use the resources the way we do.
The fall and winter are Stewardship’s time in the spotlight. The annual pledge campaign each October feeds into the budget the commission members will prepare during November and December. After a thorough review from Council, the proposed budget will go before the entire congregation in January.

Ministry Spotlight: Property Commission

Parkway’s Property Commission operates quietly and efficiently to make sure the church building and property functions properly and is well-maintained. The Commission is responsible for safeguarding, maintenance, repair and ongoing care of the church’s land, buildings and equipment.

Volunteer skills and labor from the Property Commission members, as well as the entire congregation during scheduled Church Work Days, minimize the amount of money spent to care for our spaces and places. However, when outside contractors are needed, the

Property Commission secures bids and oversees the projects. For any service or equipment needs exceeding $500, the Commission submits a recommendation to Council for approval.

The Property Commission also reviews the insurance coverage for the facilities and property periodically to recommend any alterations needed to properly protect the physical spaces.

Current members of the Property Commission are Convenor Ben McDougall, Roger Fauss, Mike Mason, Mike Rogers, and Kent Tallyn. Pete Eggebrecht handles the HVAC system for the Property Commission. Please report any property repair need or issue directly to any of the commission members for consideration.

Membership Care Commission

Membership Care Commission
Peggy Mohl

June 2014

The Membership Care Commission (MCC) is entrusted with serving the individual, emotional and social needs of our church’s members.

This commission sponsors a variety of annual intergenerational events to foster social connections among Parkway members. Examples include the church picnic, Be Mine Party, hayrides, skating parties, Progressive Dinners, and Friendship Dinners. A variety of options are promoted in the hopes that everyone can find something that appeals to their personal interests. The MCC also coordinates the picture-taking for the church directory as needed.
The MCC sponsors the annual Christmas Caroling and Spring Sing to bring some sunshine and smiles to members living in nursing or rehabilitation centers. When a church member is sick or grieving or adjusting to a new baby, this commission organizes meals to be brought to lighten the load during difficult or adjustment periods. Many church members beyond the commission help with these events. Visiting Care Teams maintain connections with those who are not able to get to church regularly. Collegians are sent Halloween treats in the fall and Girl Scout cookies in the spring.

The Fifth Sunday activities are also planned by the MCC. On fifth Sundays, a “One Family” worship service is held at 10:00 AM, usually followed by a light lunch and church-wide fellowship time. This is a great time for people who regularly attend either the traditional or informal worship service to enjoy time together.
The MCC oversees the scheduling of the Fellowship Time pastries and fruits that are available after both services each Sunday. The fellowship time immediately after each service provides an informal way to greet visitors and reconnect with friends.

The popular annual apple-butter making is also a MCC-sponsored event. The delicious apple butter is given to new members to welcome them. The apple butter is also sold as a fundraiser. This past year, the proceeds from the apple butter were used to purchase new wooden high chairs for babies and toddlers.

The Membership Care Commission is an important part of our church’s mission to let every member know that their church is there for them in good times and bad. The commission works closely with Pastor Kevin who keeps us informed of individual or family needs for special care. Any Parkway member or visitor who would like to participate in MCC activities is most welcome to join us! Just contact any member of the commission.

2014 Annual Report

annual report collageRead the 2014 Annual Report here…

OUR CHURCH AT WORK: Ministry Planning & Review Committee

OUR CHURCH AT WORK: Ministry Planning & Review Committee

Brad Lyons

The Ministry Planning and Review (MPR) Committee helps develop the faithful and effective shared ministry and common life of the congregation and the pastor. This panel is charged to

  • Create a climate of trust, openness, and honesty among everybody involved at Parkway UCC,
  • Help align and clarify congregational, staff, and leadership goals,
  • Provide counseling and consulting opportunities for the congregation and staff related to behavior, decisions, relationships, spiritual and emotional well-being, and
  • Advocate for professional growth of pastoral staff.
  • Confidentiality is the commission’s priority. To be able to provide honest, open useful feedback, discussions in MPR are off the record; no minutes are taken.

“Part of MPR’s job is to provide a focus group where Kevin can test ideas about potential approaches to ministry, identifying what’s working well in programs or how other programs can be improved,” says Ross Livengood, MPR’s current convener. “MPR also acts as a confidant to pastors, to give them a place to talk about the challenges of the job, the profession of ministry, and how that impacts their regular life.”
MPR and Council collaborated to plan January’s Town Hall meeting and are planning similar meetings later this year.
Each member of the committee serves a four-year term, with one member rotating off and replaced each year. Current members are Ross Livengood, Meera Williams, Leslie Tupper, and Brad Lyons. The Council President is MPR’s Council liaison but does not attend the meetings.

When Parkway UCC has two pastors on staff, separate MPR Commissions provide each pastor a confidential team for reflection and support. When multiple committees exist, they meet annually as a check-up on the shared staff ministry.