February 23, 2019

Care & Support

We care about you at Parkway: mind, body and spirit. Please contact us with any needs you may have.

Christmas Memory Tree

clear-ornamentChristmas Memory Tree

You are invited to fill an ornament with a note or a small significant item in honor of a loved one to be remembered during this season. Ornaments are in a basket beneath the tree in the Gathering Space.

Prayer Corner Oct 26

Prayer Corner

Fri, Oct 26 | 8:00 – 10:00am | Sanctuary
Pastor Kevin is available to pray with you during this time. The Prayer Corner–with a perpetual candle–has a current prayer list, prayer books, journal, kneeler and chairs.


Winter Accessories Drive October 4 – November 15

Red knitted cap, scarf and gloves

Winter Accessories Drive October 4 – November 15

Oh, the Weather Outside…is (not yet) frightful. But it soon will be!

If it pains you to think of any child suffering from numb fingers, icy toes, or frosty ears, please consider donating items to this year’s Winter Accessories Drive. Hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves will be gratefully accepted in the Gathering Space collection box starting in October. Thanks to your generosity, the children and youth served by The Little Bit Foundation and Joint Neighborhood Ministry can look forward to warmer extremities this winter. 

Peace through Praying for Others and for Myself

Peace through Praying for Others and for Myself
Sue Stolze

Before Xmas I pondered much about prayer and what it MEANS to pray “for” someone else or myself. Can we influence the Higher Power or are we just giving a polite “I’ll pray for you” with no more meaning than “have a nice day”?

A woman was describing her prayer for a mother on the news who was in the tsunami and was on the beach looking for her child who had been swept away. “I can’t help her find her child or help her grieve, but I can wait with her.” This moved me–IF we all are one, then we can mindfully “be with” other people. IF God is Love and Compassion, we can tap that Energy for others and for ourselves.

We ask God to give us good things–”please, God, take away my headache” or “heal the rift in my family” or “make Paul’s cancer treatment work” or “give us world peace.”
Sometimes my headache ceases, but I don’t think my little whine to God is why.

Sometimes what we want eludes us. “Please God, let the bus come SOON” affects nothing about the bus, (but might lengthen my patience or give me company as I wait).

But about this “being with” others in prayer–If I mentally connect with the Source of all AND with someone else, we make a triangle–a Trinity of consciousness. There’s a conduit for moving our Light and Energy. Our souls receive and give and give and receive. Does the situation change? Are there ever miracles? Truly a mystery.

If I say to someone “I’ll pray for you”, I don’t want to convey that more begging might tip the God-scale in their favor, but rather that I am spending part of my Being-Energy in their direction and in the Higher Power’s too, making a Trinity of Love. No “fixing”–this is not an economy of control, but rather of sharing and conscious connection.

My belief is that our prayers for self and others adds to the breath of the Mystical Body.

When we bless and are blessed in this way the Body is stronger. When our peace is disturbed or we are feeling helpless in the face of trouble, we can visit this connection any time or place. Below is a symbol of this prayer. Shalom to all.