October 15, 2018

AWOL to see Steel Magnolias

awol-steel-magnoliasAWOL is BACK! (Adventurous Women Out Late)

Steel Magnolias!

Sunday, Nov 13 | 2:00pm | Kirkwood Community Center

111 South Geyer Road

Optional food and fellowship afterwards!

Tickets:  $20

RSVP by October 30 to Carmen Bumgarner cfbum@charter.net


Directed by Kasey Cox

Assisted by Danny Austin

Steel Magnolias is the poignant story of a close-knit group of deeply-Southern women. The talk of the town is the upcoming wedding of Shelby, the beautiful and fragile daughter of M’Lynn, an intelligent, compassionate career woman.  Truvy owns the beauty parlor which is the female epicenter of the town. Regular customers keep the banter and bickering going as the group gathers each week at Truvy’s. It’s here that they find comfort and strength in each other while they discuss relationships and loneliness, happiness and loss. A heartwarming, hilarious, and bitter-sweet story about the special bond that enables these women to find their ways past life’s obstacles using humor, compassion, love…and a lot of hairspray.