January 19, 2019

April 2016 Worship Notes

April 3 | 9:30am & 11:00am | Communion| Give-a-Meal

Scripture: Psalm 150; John 20:19-31

Message: Peace Breath

Century gothic: Jesus comes to the disciples breathing peace. He could have been angry, frustrated, spiteful about what has happened… but instead he was in peace—so much that he was able to exude that and breathe it onto the disciples. He comes back 8 days later to give them another dose (booster shot?) and to include Thomas who had not been there on Easter night.


April 10 | Youth Musical Sunday (11:00am)

Scripture: Psalm 30; John 21:1-19

Message: Breakfast with Jesus

Century gothic: Another Post-Resurrection appearance from Jesus. He is on the shore offering fishing advice as the disciples are not having much luck. Jesus has the opportunity to talk with Peter about his denial of Jesus x3 before the cock crowed twice…tend my sheep…follow me.


April 17

Scripture: Psalm 23; Acts 9:36-43

Message: “Tabitha, get up!”

Century gothic: Early church—Peter raises Tabitha/Dorcas from the dead. What disciples are capable of just leapt exponentially. How can we partner with the Holy to do the impossible too? Surely we are limited?


April 24

Scripture: Psalm 148; Acts 11:1-18

Message: Standing in God’s Way

Century gothic: Living into this early church, Peter has a vision of inclusion. He believed he was going to bring the Spirit to a people—but the Spirit was already there. How can we stand in God’s way? We are called to notice the Spirit, plug into it and multiply its impact in how we partner. (Double meaning of sermon title.)