January 19, 2019

April 2016 Adult Education

April 3—Somos Vecinos (We are Neighbors)

Join us for Adult Education this Sunday at 9:30am or 11:00am to meet Karlos Ramirez, Executive Director of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis. We’ll learn about the HCC’s history, mission, successes, struggles. Karlos will share some stories of businesses and people. How can we be more aware and more intentional about understanding and supporting multiracial multicultural individuals, families, businesses and communities in our richly diverse corner of the world? Karlos will also share some common misconceptions about the Hispanic chamber and the culture.


April 10Mystery Worshipper II

We need your help this morning! Today’s Adult Education session is not one that people attend in the Heritage Room. Instead, this is an opportunity to help our church become a more faithful and hospitable place. We need you—you’re your evaluation/critique of our worship services. Please contact Kevin ahead of time so he can give you a worksheet to fill out as you plan to be a “secret” or “mystery” worshipper…or pick up a copy on the round table in the Gathering Space anytime in April. The worksheet invites you to record your impressions of everything from viewing our website to arriving at the church, finding your way through the building, navigating worship, attending Fellowship Time, etc. This is all part of a course Kevin is taking on “Church Renewal.” Feel free to fill out the worksheet anonymously or sign it and drop it in the office at the end of the morning—or arrange to meet with Kevin to go over your findings.

[Youth Arts Worship will take place during our Informal Worship Service at 11:00am and we would like you to attend in order to support our youth and to experience a different kind of worship.]

Mystery+Worshipper+Checklist (Also available on the round table in the Gathering Space.)


April 17This I Believe

Join us for Adult Education this Sunday at 9:30am or 11:00am as we ponder what others believe. You may recall the 1950s radio program of the same name, hosted by acclaimed journalist Edward R. Murrow. Each day, Americans gathered by their radios to hear compelling essays from the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, Helen Keller, and Harry Truman as well as corporate leaders, cab drivers, scientists, and secretaries—anyone able to distill into a few minutes the guiding principles by which they lived. These essayists’ words brought comfort and inspiration to a country worried about the Cold War, McCarthyism, and racial division. In reviving This I Believe in since 2000, Executive Producer Dan Gediman said, “The goal is not to persuade Americans to agree on the same beliefs. Rather, the hope is to encourage people to begin the much more difficult task of developing respect for beliefs different from their own.”

We will listen to several brief essays and discuss them.


April 24—(9:30am only*) Out of Scarcity Into A World of Possibility

Let’s think about Roman Catholicism and the UCC in this age and the next—not a comparison, but are there parallels? PUCC members are reading John Dorhauer’s Beyond Resistance described as “a template …to inspire commitment to the common good…” during a time of  “…perceived diminishment in capacity, relevance, and impact” of the Church. Worldwide, assisted by Pope Francis’ concern for all the people of God, there is renewed interest in the teachings of Vatican II, the Ecumenical Council that occurred more than 50 years ago. (vatican2voice.org). Come to participate in a conversation with two Catholic Sisters—Marianne Race, CSJ, and Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ—about how their congregations have evolved since their renewal of the basis of their faith and focus on their mission, inspired by Vatican II. Hear what steps have been effective in their continuing journey to enact “the church’s willingness to operate in the contemporary realm.” (St. Louis NPR News), and discuss the potential relevance to our congregation’s mission. [Marianne is the sister or PUCCer Rich Race.]


*The theme of the Informal Worship Service at 11:00am today is Breaking the Silence: Say the words. Work for change. Support the Survivors. This worship service will be a chance for the church to acknowledge together the realities of rape and sexual violence; to create a community where survivors can share their stories and receive support, hope, and love; and to prayerfully consider ways in which we can be advocates for change in our communities and around the world. This worship experience with have some PG-13 moments.

We are focusing on this at 11:00am worship only – though we will talk about it briefly at 9:30am service. We want people to know about this beforehand so they are prepared.