January 19, 2019

An Oasis

An Oasis
Kevin Cameron

We never thought we would be on the receiving end of the mission that is Ronald McDonald House charities!
On and off for decades–in Boston, Bridgeport (CT), Kansas City and St Louis–I had volunteered with meals, landscaping, games/activities for kids and fundraisers.

Then a few years ago one of our kids ended up in the hospital for several days at Mercy Hospital up the street from church. A couple of days into it, our child was able to move about freely and we were given a quick tour of the Ronald McDonald Family Room just off the pediatric wing of the hospital. It’s a mini version of the Ronald McDonald House with a fully stocked kitchen, sitting areas, lounge areas, movie areas, game areas, computer areas…an amazing space for kids in the hospital to forget that they are patients for a while.

Our child was able to visit with some friends from the neighborhood and school in this warm and welcoming space. The rest of our family was able to spread out and have their needs met without being in the cramped quarters of the patient room. It was an oasis. We give thanks for the original dreamer of this kind of space.

We give thanks for the incredible hospitality of the volunteers there. Wow. It was just what we needed in a time of stress and strain.

[Next time you happen to be at Mercy, you should check out the Ronald McDonald Family Room and offer a blessing while you do!]