December 15, 2018

Adopting Families in need from International Institute

Parkway United Church of Christ and Congregation Shaare Emeth are adopting two families in need from the International Institute again this year. Please bring all gifts to PUCC by December 19. Contact Lisa Mason ( if you have questions. Read about the two families we have adopted:


Congolese Family C-Bembe Ethnicity: The Congolese Bembe are a displaced group from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Conflict in the DRC has been going on for more than 18 years. Moise, Wanyema, and their children arrived in St. Louis in 2016. Currently, they are in financial distress living on one income with a large family. Moise works full time and unfortunately doesn’t have time to take English classes since he takes advantage of overtime opportunities. However, his goal is to re-enroll when possible. The children, except for Mbukani, are all currently enrolled in school. With winter approaching, all family members are in need of winter shoes. They would really benefit from a grocery gift card (about $300), utility assistance ($300), and rent assistance ($800). Additionally, they would enjoy warm winter wear for the children and bedding or blankets. For the toddler, the best gift would be diapers (size 4). The mother will also need NB-1 diapers as she is expecting another child. Other great items include children’s toys and games.


Somali Family-R : In 1991, Somalia entered a long, terrible period of civil war. The increasingly totalitarian reign of Major General Mohamed Siad Barre was overthrown by a number of resistance militias, and the central government collapsed. Halima and her children fled Somalia and lived in Kenya until coming to the United States. The mother and one of her children suffer from severe medical conditions. However, Halima has still been attending English class regularly and just obtained employment. She knows that life in America as a single mother will be difficult, but is confident she can do it. Although Halima now has employment, her sole income will barely meet the needs of a family of seven. Thus, the family is in need of rent assistance ($650) and utility assistance ($200). They would love some queen-size blankets to keep warm over the winter. The children would enjoy toys including puzzles and outside games, as well as some books. Lastly, a shoe store/Target gift card to cover needs for winter boots would be extremely helpful.