February 23, 2019

Weddings & Events


Congratulations & Blessings on your upcoming wedding! 

This following list is primarily to assist you as you plan your wedding, but many of the guidelines are universal for any type of event at Parkway.



  • One of our pastors will officiate at your ceremony.
  • If you wish to have a different officiate or someone to assist at your ceremony, please discuss this with our pastors.
  • A wedding/event facilitator will be assigned to you. This is not a “wedding coordinator.” This person is a member of our church and will be assisting at the rehearsal and wedding ceremony. You will meet this person at the rehearsal. Many other types of events need a facilitator as well. We will determine if that is necessary for you when we discuss the details of your event.



  • Prior to the wedding, the officiating pastor will meet with you at least three times in the pastor’s office. Please contact a pastor and set up the first appointment; the church phone number is 314-872-9330. You can email Pastor Kevin Cameron at kevin@parkwayucc.org.
  • To help facilitate your wedding you will complete a wedding data form and return it to the church as soon as possible.


  • Dates and times for weddings and rehearsals and events are reserved through the church office administrator in consultation with the pastors. Reservations for the building are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be asked to sign a facility usage agreement and submit the building fee before your wedding date is set on our calendar. Your wedding/evernt date will be held for 2 weeks – if the church office administrator has not heard from you or received paperwork/building fees, the date will be released.
  • You can plan your wedding music with our organist. It is important you contact the organist (barry@parkwayucc.org) to confirm the date you have selected. If the organist is not available, other musician recommendations will be offered. If you wish to have another organist or other musicians at your wedding, please discuss this with our organist.
  • The music at your marriage service should enhance and beautify the reverent, God-centered spirit of the ceremony. Our organist will be able to offer appropriate suggestions. The organist in consultation with the pastors has final approval on all musical decisions.


  • A rehearsal is necessary for most weddings. Approximately one hour is needed, and the time will have to be arranged at the mutual convenience of the pastor, the couple, and space availability. The officiating pastor is in charge of the rehearsal and will give complete and detailed instructions.
  • The Parkway wedding facilitator will also be in attendance at the rehearsal.
  • All persons in the wedding party (maid/matron of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, ushers, etc.) and parents are to be present at the rehearsal.
  • The LICENSE should be brought to the rehearsal and given to the pastor to keep until the ceremony.


  • Furnishings may be moved only in consultation with the wedding/event facilitator. You are responsible for returning them to their original location before leaving the building.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on church property. Smoking is not allowed inside church buildings.
  • Dressing/waiting rooms for the wedding party are available for those who opt for that package.
  • The church is not responsible for lost or stolen gifts and/or property brought to the church building during the rehearsal or the day of the wedding/event. Please take everything with you when you leave.
  • Bride and groom may be showered outside with birdseed, or bubbles. Please no rice.
  • NO flash pictures are to be taken during the service, except as members of the wedding party come down the center aisle for the processional and again for the recessional. No photographers or videographers, professional or amateur, may be stationed any closer to the front of the chancel than halfway. You should advise professional and amateur photographers of these regulations in advance of the service. Please remind photographers/videographers to check in with the pastor on the day of the wedding.
  • Videographers may position a stationary camera in the corner of the chancel area with pastoral approval.


  • Our Fellowship Hall may be used for wedding receptions/events. To reserve it, contact the church office administrator, at (314) 872-9330 or administrator@parkwayucc.org
  • If using the Fellowship Hall, you are responsible for setting up and taking down tables & chairs. It is helpful to designate one person to be responsible for this so they can coordinate this and other items with the wedding facilitator. This person must be present throughout the wedding and reception.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on church property. Smoking is not allowed inside church buildings.


  • Building fees and Wedding Facilitator honorarium are to be paid in full to the church office administrator at the time of reservation. Wedding Facilitator is required. Make checks payable to Parkway United Church of Christ.
  • Pastor and Organist honoraria are to be paid directly to the individual and should be dropped off at the church office two weeks prior to the ceremony. Pastor honorarium includes three pre-marital sessions, rehearsal, and ceremony. Organist honorarium includes one consultation with the couple and music at the ceremony. Wedding Facilitator fee includes rehearsal and ceremony.

BUILDING FEES (due at time of reservation)


STAFF HONORARIA (due 2 weeks before the ceremony, checks made out to the individual)

Pastor: $200.00

Organist/Pianist: $200.00

Each rehearsal with soloist: $35.00

Soloist (pay at rehearsal) To be decided by you and soloist

Wedding Facilitator (required & paid with event rental fees): $100.00 



(revised May 2018)



Again, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Blessings as you live these exciting days!



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