February 23, 2019

Room Descriptions



Parkway’s Sanctuary is a modern, 4,100 square foot, worship area with beautiful stained-glass windows. The Sanctuary was designed so that the large (490 Square), elevated, chancel is visible throughout the space. The pews have been specifically arranged to allow a spacious center aisle and still allow movement along the outside edges of the Sanctuary. Also, to allow flexibility in seating, only the last two rows of pews are fixed.











The acoustics in the sanctuary are superb and the music is enhanced by a 2 manual, 23 rank Quimby pipe organ and aBostongrand piano. One striking feature of the sanctuary are the unique wooden trusses that form the ceiling.

Maximum seating – 300 (240 can set very comfortably without feeling crowded.) If additional seating is needed, folding chairs can be set up in the Gathering Space adjacent to the sanctuary. Activity within the Sanctuary can be viewed from the Gathering Space and sound is “piped” in to the room.

The length of the center aisle in the sanctuary from the door to the front step is 46 feet. The width of the center aisle (at fixed pews) is appx 8 ½ – 9’.

Fellowship Hall: Also referred to as the Big Room or the gymnasium, this space adjoins the kitchen and is a bright, cheerful play area for kids. It has basket ball hoops and a linoleum floor. Large meetings, dinners and trivia nights are some of the uses for this space which seats about 200.

2015-02-06 15.27.00Our New Banquet Chairs

As most of you know the gift in memory of Nid Phongvanit’s family was used to purchase our beautiful new blue banquet chairs. With the family’s very generous contribution we were able to buy 200 new chairs for Fellowship Hall.

Ironically after months of decision making and 100 different fabric samples…we decided on a soft yet strong material appropriately called “Heavenly.”

2015-02-06 16.22.29 

These chairs are 125,000 double rub, are a soft chenille fabric and are 100% polyester.

(Double rub is done by an outside company testing each fabric by pushing a denim type material back and forth until the fabric is just starting to see wear. Our chairs can withstand 125,000 double rubs). 

The chair frames are powder coated and will hold 1000 pounds. The fabric is treated to be stain proof and is totally water proof by a treatment called Nanotex. This means the fabric does not allow liquid to penetrate through the material keeping the foam seat dry. They are light-weight and stackable in numbers of 10. We received also a $263 chair carrier, free of charge, as a 175th Anniversary gift to our church. The easy to maneuver chairs will hold 1000 pounds and are guaranteed for 10 years. We have done our best to provide comfort to our congregation.

We hope you enjoy the “heavenly” chairs in Nid’s memory. 

Kitchen: Updated flooring, cabinets and commercial oven/stove in 2011, the kitchen is safe and convenient with a pass through window to the Fellowship Hall.

2015-02-06 15.27.312015-02-06 15.27.45


2015-02-06 15.29.21

Heritage Room: This is a nice conference room—with a kitchenette—that seats about 40. It has tables and chairs and more intimate sofas and lamps. It is ideal for slide show and video presentations. Grooms and their attendants use this room before a wedding.

2015-02-06 15.31.30

2015-02-06 15.32.07 2015-02-06 15.31.48

This small room—with books, art and historical records—is an ideal meeting space for 8-15 people. The library is open for reading and checking out books before and after worship services.

2015-02-06 15.35.06

2015-02-06 15.34.54

Youth Rooms: Located on the lower level at the end of the hall, these large rooms are ideal for youth gatherings. There is a piano and a pool table as well as comfortable couches.


Gathering Space:
This is the space to your left as you enter the building. It is intended to offer a welcome atmosphere for visiting and conversation. It has sofas, tables, a history tower and our beautiful stained glass windows.

2015-02-06 15.24.43


Choir/Music Room: Located across from the pastor’s office on the southwest corner of the upper level, this is where the choir rehearses and where the music library is housed. It has a piano and also serves as a meeting space when neccessary.