January 19, 2019

A Letter of Thanksgiving to Parkway UCC

A Letter of Thanksgiving to Parkway UCC
November 2015

1529In 2007 a rag-taggly family of two women, 6 children (ages 7 yr to 15 yr) and many assorted pets arrived in St. Louis from Denver. They came to start over—their “financial bubble” had burst a year ahead of the national/global impact; foreclosure and bankruptcy loomed. Extended family was here and it felt safer to be among them.

The first year was rough—many problems with the hours, job distress and disruption for both Brenda and Pam, major surgery/hospitalization for Brenda, a knee injury for Pam, an unwelcoming church and the finalization of foreclosure in Denver and bankruptcy here.
Then in summer of 2008, they found a “gay, family-friendly church” on the internet—Parkway UCC. From the 1st visit the kids felt “at home” and so did Pam. Our church family became the main support system for our family. Here is a short list of things given us and done for us with many left off the list I am sure:

  • A very loving and warm welcome of all of us.
  • A children’s program that made going to church a privilege the kids worked for rather than a Sunday morning “have to.”
  • An anonymous payment of our mortgage that got us through an untimely job loss.
  • Church monies that made it possible for the kids to experience “and fall in love with) Camp MoVal and to participate in youth activities like mission trips and fun days.
  • Someone to stay with and care for the children and pets so Pam and Brenda could watch Messeret graduate from Army boot camp out of state.
  • Prayerful, compassionate (with a very welcome touch of humor) great pastoral care and guidance through many ups and downs from Kevin.
  • The chance for Pam to participate in making music.
  • Wonderful opportunities to pray (Centering Prayer) and learn (TABS, TED) for Pam.
  • Monies and time and effort put forth to help Pam and Brenda’s son and his new family—repairing their home.
  • A spectacular baby shower for baby Dante.
  • A phenomenal outpouring of love and effort in providing an unforgettable wedding for Pam and Brenda November 14, 2013.
  • A member stepping forth to mentor one of the kids having a hard time.
  • The fifth of a cello and much encouragement for a young musician.
  • Deep friendships that sustain and nourish Pam every single day—open hearts, listening ears of gracious, wonderful people who are generous and kind.

I am sure that there are many, many other things which have been forgotten or overlooked, but, I could not go through another season of Thanksgiving without thanking God for you all and expressing my gratitude for your continued AWESOME support and love.


Love from Pam, Brenda and the Walker (Watkins) clan