October 15, 2018

175 Years of God’s Love!

175 Years of God’s Love!
Carol Cobb, chairperson to 175th Anniversary of PUCC 2013

January 2014

Parkway UCC is at the end of a year of celebration…175 years of God’s Love!
Anniversaries of all kinds tend to make one reflective and sentimental over the past, but also help us look to the future. Parkway United Church of Christ has evolved over the past 175 years into a unique, relevant and resilient church. From its modest beginnings in 1838, to the cherished Historic Sanctuary, to our new sanctuary on the west side of Ballas reflecting a simple design, yet elegant sanctuary design, the church has endured and prospered.

This year we celebrated the wisdom of our forefathers and mothers as they shaped the little church into something greater by eventually merging two denominations into one, United Church Christ, by deciding what they could agreed upon. The Evangelical and Reformed Church brought their ideas of charity work; the Congregational Christian Church brought their ideas of social justice to bear. Together these missions have merged and our denomination makes it clear we can choose how we use our time and money. We have tried to provide many activities for our members with both of those focuses in mind.

The anniversary celebrations throughout the year were planned so that members would have a variety of activities in which to participate. We kicked off with a Three Act Play in February, Through the Decades, spotlighting how the church began, through the 1800’s into the 1900’s and into current times. Church adults, youth, and children participated as they wore period costumes.

Another anniversary activity was creating a church “paper” quilt with patches of different families showing their loves and activities. It is displayed in the hallway. Throughout the year, Naomi Runtz provided Sunday visitors with different displays of memorabilia, artwork of the churches, and ancestry information.

The spring of 2013 brought John and Audrey Nourse back for a wonderful visit, a sermon from our former minister, and a wonderful brunch organized by Barb Eggebrecht. As a tribute to Nid Phongvanit, and her time with us, her family donated 200 beautiful chairs to Parkway. Marilyn McDougal spearheaded the task of choosing and ordering them in time for our September celebration with Eden president, David Greenhaw. A very generous and giving member, Ruth Murray, helped kick off our fund raising by underwriting several aspects of the celebrations.

Betty Scherrer continually organized many aspects of each event, especially the reception on December 8, 2013 honoring Dr. Black’s visit. She brought warm pretzels in the shape of commas especially for this reception. I was thrilled to provide a watercolor of the Historic Sanctuary for notecards we sold to help fund our activities.

This has been an exhilarating experience to be a member of the 175th committee and we also give thanks to Kevin for his consistent guidance during the year—including our Jesus Left the Building Sunday when we put our faith into action in many places in the St Louis community. We thank members of the congregation who have participated in the activities and given funds to assist in the events. Now onto our 176th year and many more achievements.