February 13, 2016


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Service is integral to our congregational vitality. Whether it is serving each other or those in the local or global community, Parkway offers many ways to get involved in the community beyond the Sunday morning worship service. Some activities are occasional, others regularly scheduled. Because the Church has a small paid staff, much of the work that sustains our community life comes from volunteers within the community.

As the Christian Services Commission of Parkway UCC, our goal is to educate the congregation on the needs of our church, our community, and the world. Some of the church’s participation in giving is included in the general budget. Other opportunities of giving are choices suggested throughout the year. As our congregational vision statement says, “we shall seek the way of God in today’s world through joyful worshiping, inclusive caring and compassionate serving.”

The Christian Services Commission wants to express that the giving opportunities we suggest are by no means meant to be obligations. It is our desire that it be your choice as to which you support and how you support them. We recognize it is difficult to give to all those in need and that many of us also have favorite charities outside our church. Please give as you are able, faithful to your own heart.