October 30, 2014

Youth Night

Youth Night: Pumpkin Ball! 10/15

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pumpkin_ballYouth Night: Pumpkin Ball! 10/15
Wednesdays | 6:30-7:30pm | Fellowship Hall | Candy bowl & Door prizes

We can’t tell you everything about this evening but what we can say is it will be a ball! Oh yes, and pumpkins! Come and see what we can accomplish with pumpkins and maybe a little luck! Door prizes and a fun snack! Contact Barb Kuhlmann: barbk@parkwayucc.org

Ronald McDonald Dinner 10/22

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ronald-mcdonald--c8faab53ed9ae8b1Ronald McDonald Dinner

Wednesday, October 22 | 4:00-8:00pm| Ronald McDonald House

Our Youth Night crew will prepare, serve and visit with guests at the Ronald McDonald House on Wednesday, October 22. If you would like to be a part of this special evening contact Lisa Mason at lmason624@sbcglobal.net or Barb Kuhlmann at barbk@parkwayucc.org.

You can also make a donation towards the food and supplies for this event.

Look for the pumpkin in the Gathering area to drop off your donation.

Contact barbk@parkway.org with questions

Youth Night: Fantasy Football 10/8

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footballYouth Night: Fantasy Football 10/8
Wednesdays|6:30-7:30| Fellowship Hall | Candy bowl & Door prizes

Experience Wednesday night football Parkway style! If you could pick any player in the NFL to be on your team, who would you choose? We will pick our teams and see how they fare the following week. We will also play some touch football too! Contact Barb Kuhlmann: barbk@parkwayucc.org

Youth Night: An Evening with Pastor Kevin! 10/1

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Youth Night: An Evening with Pastor Kevin!
Wednesdays|6:30-7:30| Fellowship Hall

Laugh! Cry! Scream! Get excited! Scratch your head!

Commercials have an effect on us.

PUNS Preschool is having their annual Open House so we are unable to meet in the Fellowship Hall.

Let’s gather in Kevin’s office to view and discuss some of your favorite commercials. Please come prepared with websites and/or descriptions of commercials so we can search for them on my laptop and project them on the wall. We may even make our own commercials.

Contact Barb Kuhlmann: barbk@parkwayucc.org

Rock-a-bye Baby! Youth Night 9/24

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vijf-little-persons-in-diaper-Beautiful-Baby-WallpapersRock-a-bye Baby! 9/24
Back by popular demand a night of baby games! Who’s going to win the baby bottle race? Who’s going to come in first in the diaper derby? How fast can you change a diaper? Fun and games will be in order as we test our knowledge of all things in the baby world.

Contact Barb Kuhlmann: barbk@parkwayucc.org

Youth Night: Open Gym 9/17

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ping_pong_szene_by_turboniko-d5ehhc3Open Gym Night! 9/17
It’s your turn to decide! What games do you want to play? Ping pong, volleyball and basketball we can do it all! Meet us in Fellowship Hall at 6:30-7:30 for an evening of fun and fellowship. Snacks and door prizes who would want to miss that? Make plans now and bring a friend or two!

Youth Night: Super Hero Night! 9/10

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Youth Night: Super Hero Night! 9/10
super_heroesWednesdays|6:30-7:30| Fellowship Hall

Let’s transform ourselves into our favorite super hero! Games and challenges everywhere we turn. It should be an SUPER evening!

Contact Barb Kuhlmann: barbk@parkwayucc.org

Youth Night Minute to Win It September 3

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minute-to-win-it-logoYouth Night – Minute to Win It!

Wednesday, September 3 |6:30-7:30| Fellowship Hall

You have seen it on TV! Challenging games such as Hut, Hut Hike, Nosedive and Rapid Fire! You will have a chance to win door prizes and we always have a special snack! Bring yourself! Bring a friend! Come one come all to youth night where friends really do care about each other and enjoy being together!

Contact Barb Kuhlmann for details at barbk@parkwayucc.org

Youth Night is back! Hooray! Twist and Shout!

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Wednesday, August 27 |6:30-7:30| Fellowship Hall

Let’s get back together for fun, fellowship and welcome newcomers to our youth night!

Come and find out what it’s all about! The famous candy bowl will be out and you will even have a chance to win a fabulous door prize! Meet us in Fellowship Hall at 6:30-7:30 where we will Twist and Shout and try not to get tangled up!

Contact Barb Kuhlmann for details at barbk@parkwayucc.org

Youth Nights in May

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Youth Nights in MayWednesdays | 6:30—7:30pm | Fellowship Hall

Youth night is busy preparing for the children’s Carnival which will be held Sunday, June 1 after the Annual Meeting.We will build booths and put the final touches on the variety of games that we will offer. Don’t worry though, we will still have a few games to play and the candy bowl will be out as well as a snack and door prizes. It’s always fun to be together and even more fun to create something fun to offer our Parkway children. Come and join the fun, it will be worth it!