February 7, 2016

Connecting with Our College Students

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Bring your bags of individually wrapped candy by 10/13 to send in care packages to our Parkway collegians. If you can help get the packages ready for mailing the morning of Mon, Oct 14, contact us.

Girl Scout Cookies on Sale Now

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Please consider purchasing an extra box or two, so that we may send some Spring Care packages to our PUCC college students.  When the cookies come in, just look for the basket in the gathering space and drop them in!  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Collegians 2011-2012

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Colle Murch

Colle is a sophomore at the University of Tulsa, and she is undecided in the business college. She is apart of the Chi Omega sorority, and she works at a children’s boutique. When home in St. Louis, she works at the Sign of the Arrow. Photography, reading, needlepointing and baking are a few of the things she likes to do in her down time. She is very excited about and thankful for the goodies that PUCC is sending!


Thomas DeGroote

Thomas is a Senior at Michigan State University.  He is studying Business (Supply Chain Management) and Economics. Thomas currently rents a house near the University and has 3 roommates. When they are not studying they enjoy video games, ESPN, fantasy football and football weekends.  He is a big Spartan fan!  This past summer he worked in Minneapolis, MN at General Mills doing an internship.  He thoroughly enjoyed his time there and he has recieved an offer from them for employment to begin after graduation in May.


Scott Lindquist

Scott is a junior at Mizzou, and is majoring in sports management. He was also accepted into the Boone County volunteer firefighting program, which he attends two nights a week, and weekends. Upon completing that program, he hopes to obtain his EMT certification. Scott lives with three buddies in a house off campus, and enjoys playing guitar and piano. His parents are Craig and Judy, and his brother is J.T. Scott is a volunteer fireman as he finishes his degree at Mizzou.


Max Murch

Max, a sophomore at Mizzou, is majoring in meterology.  He really appreciates the care packages and would like to thank PUCC for sending them.  They mean a lot!
Jennifer DeGroote

Jennifer Degroote is a Freshman at Mizzou. She currently is undecided in her major but hopes to have a better idea of her career path after her first year.  She’s enjoying college life, and football weekends. She resides in a dorm on campus.


Lucia McKenzie

Lucia is in her second and final year of the Special School District’s post 12th grade career training program.  Her class is at Monsanto Headquarters in Creve Coeur where she works in food service for about 4 hours of the day.  As the year progresses she will work longer hours so she can get practice in a full work day.  When not in “Cafe A” she is in the classroom learning employment and life skills.


Periodically the class goes on field trips to various places with a lesson.  They always take public transportation which is another lesson.  Passing the driver learner’s permit test has been a real challenge for Lucia as with many learning challenged people.  This is something she and some others in her class will be working on this school year.  Hopefully she will be able to pass the test and learn to drive safely, thus becoming more mobile and independent.


When not at school Lucia works at Schnucks as a bagger, spends time with her friends (both electronically and otherwise), and looks for ways to be with animals.  She loves it when the neighbors go out of town and let her care for their pets.


Parkway and her Parkway family are very important in Lucia’s life.  She is grateful for all the opportunities she has to feel welcomed and loved.