November 22, 2014

Visiting Care Team

Ministry to Parkway shut-ins. [Click on the titles to view the expanded posts.]

Youth Night, November 19: Thanks a Lot!

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thanks_a_lotYouth Night, November 19: Thanks a Lot!

Wednesdays | 6:30-7:30 | Fellowship Hall | Snacks & Door Prizes

What are we Thankful for? Should we celebrate even the hard things that come our way with Thanksgiving? We will discuss being thankful and how it enriches our life if we do! There will also be some turkey games to play.

Contact Barb Kuhlmann:

The Saints of Parkway Visiting Care Team

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There are currently ten members of Parkway who are in nursing homes or unable to get to church on a regular basis. Some of these folks have been members of Parkway for many years, and love to share stories about the history of our church and of the surrounding area.

Our Visiting Care Team pairs up other members who would like to visit these special friends and be a connection to the congregation for them.

Would you like to be part of this team? The time commitment is what you want to make it. You can pay an occasional visit and/or send cards. We have biographies of these ten members to help start conversations. You will be provided with tips and guidelines for being present and supportive of these friends.

If you would like to participate, or have any questions, please contact us.