July 7, 2015

Community Service

Parkway is involved in the local and global community in so many ways. The Christian Services Commission (CSC) facilitates outreach in the Church by recommending annual budget amounts for Missions, choosing Second Mile Mission recipients and setting goals for the collections; recommending additional giving opportunities to the congregation, and disseminating topical information regarding Christian social concerns to the congregation.

As the Christian Services Commission of Parkway UCC, our goal is to educate the congregation on the needs of our church, our community, and the world. Some of the church’s participation in giving is included in the general budget. Other opportunities of giving are choices suggested throughout the year. As our congregational vision statement says, “we shall seek the way of God in today’s world through joyful worshiping, inclusive caring and compassionate serving.”

The Christian Services Commission wants to express that the giving opportunities we suggest are by no means meant to be obligations. It is our desire that it be your choice as to which you support and how you support them. We recognize it is difficult to give to all those in need and that many of us also have favorite charities outside our church. Please give as you are able, faithful to your own heart.

Back-to-School Drive in July

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Back-to-School Drive

month of July | Gathering Space

Please help St. Louis children have the supplies they need to begin the school year. We have been notified that the following items are needed:

  • Colored pencils—8-12 pack
  • Crayons -24 pack
  • Markers—8-12 pack
  • Wide-ruled notebooks
  • Wide-ruled loose leaf paper (150 sheets)
  • Glue sticks
  • Pencil boxes/pouches
  • 2-Pocket folders
  • Backpacks/Bags—especially larger back packs for middle school-age and messenger bags
  • Underwear—boys’ and girls’ size XS—XL (boys’ underwear supply is particularly low)
  • Socks—boy, girl, men and women sizes

These items will be distributed by The Little Bit Foundation and Joint Neighborhood Ministries to children in need. Donations will be collected in the PUCC Gathering Space throughout the month of July. Thank you for your generosity.

~Jill Schatz, Convener of Christian Services Commission             

Holy Joe’s Café

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130421-F-ZX232-029Holy Joe’s Café
Evelyn Buretta
The United Church of Christ military chaplains sponsor Coffee House Ministries to invite military men and women to a safe and informal place where they can receive spiritual care and good coffee.
Special thanks to First Congregational United Church of Christ in Wallingford, Connecticut, for creating this ministry and supporting it in an ongoing way.
Holy Joe’s Café is a place where chaplains are able to bring a taste of home to the tired, the anxious, the lonely and the wounded. The gourmet coffee is a reminder that the world they willingly left behind still cares.
Our contributions will add a dose of comfort to our military and help the chaplains supporting them. Please support our troops generously on May 24.

Adult Education – May 2015

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childhood_hunger_in_USMay 3:
Childhood Hunger in the United States by Tom Tupper

Did you ever experienced hunger as a child?  Do you know any children who
don’t get enough to eat? Is there are relationship between childhood
obesity and hunger?  What is being done to eliminate hunger in our country
and what can you do to be a part of the solution? We will explore the facts
about childhood hunger in our country, look at the
federal children’s

feeding programs and celebrate what they have accomplished, review what
Bread for the World does, what it has accomplished and what it is asking us
to do through our annual offering of letters—when we share our faith and
Christ-like voices with our legislators.

MD pancake breakfastMay 10: Mother’s Day (Breakfast in Fellowship Hall)

New-tch_logo_vert4-2-800x328sex_traffickingMay 17: Sex Trafficking 101 presentation by Dedee Lhamon. Dedee is the founder and Executive Director of The Covering House. Come and learn about modern day slavery and what The Covering House is doing to fight it. Dedee will speak on the issue of domestic human sex trafficking with a
focus on the St. Louis area. She will also share the history of how The
Covering House started, what they are currently doing and what they plan to
do in the future.

10-health-care-benefits-covered-in-the-Health-Insurance-MarketplaceMay 24: Need for Medicaid Expansion—Mary Jane Schutzius
“I would urge you to think in terms of justice and health care as a human
right; the spiraling costs, especially of pharmaceuticals; and of all
people, not only children, the elderly, the working poor, the unemployed,
the chronically ill, the uninsured or underinsured, since we will all fall
into one or more of these categories sooner or later.” -Mary Jane
Schutzius, Missourians for Single Payer Health Care

May 31: 5th Sunday – One Family Worship

Spring Singing (aka Spring Caroling) May 23

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pT7KkdoBcSpring Singing (aka Spring Caroling)

Saturday, May 23 | 9:15am-12:00pm | Meet in the Gathering Space

Spring Singing (like Christmas Caroling) to shut-ins and other loved ones from PUCC. Christmas in May!? We’ll grab our songsheets and warm up our voices before we carpool to area nursing homes to share our faith with old and new friends.

Info? Contact Paul Roesler: proesler@charter.net | 314-629-8367

Bread for the World Sunday May 31

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Updated 5-22-2015

Next Sunday is Offering of Letters Sunday  5/31

Next Sunday we will write letters to our members of Congress asking them to continue funding the School Breakfast, School Lunch and other child nutrition programs. For our fifth annual Offering of Letters we will have tables set up before and after the one Family Service with sample letters, envelopes and instructions.  In the Gathering Space there are instructions for you to take with you today so you could write your letters during the week and bring them next week or on June 7.  There will also be a letter from all who wish to sign it that will go to all our area legislators on this subject.  You also can take a look at it in the Gathering Space today. www.bread.org    

Contact Tom Tupper: trtupper@yahoo.com | 636-458-3669

Bread for the World Sunday: May 31

On Sunday, May 31, we will have our fifth annual Offering of Letters to our members of Congress asking them to continue funding the child nutrition programs like the School Lunch Program and the Summer Food Service Program. These programs all have to be reviewed and renewed every 5 years. 2015 is the year this must be done. Cuts to these programs are threatened. We can advocate for continuing these programs at their current levels. See the May issue of Intersections for details.      

Sacred Conversations on Race

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It’s time to continue Sacred Conversations on Race!


Hopefully you’ve heard that Metropolitan Congregations United gathered over 350 people a couple of weeks ago to kick-off Sacred Conversations that are now being held in all kinds of faith communities in the St Louis area.


Parkway UCC is inviting anyone in our St Louis Association to gather on Thursday, February 12th from 6-9pm and again on Thursday, March 12th from 6:30-8:30pm.  We will meet in our Fellowship Hall. 

It’s time for us to talk. We are fortunate to have a dynamic duo, Lorren Buck and David Gerth, facilitating our time together (see below). They come with passion, perspective and prayer. This will be an interactive time that will open our eyes, minds, hearts and spirits.


This is a two-part conversation. We need you to come to both – please! Consistency of participants from one session to another is important. Having different groups for each session limits the effectiveness.


Please RSVP so we can plan accordingly… kevin@parkwayucc.org (314-872-9330).

Everyone engaging in Sacred Conversations around the region is invited back together on the afternoon of Sunday, March 15 (details TBA) for additional reflection and next steps.

Thank you for engaging in this important dialogue.




David Gerth is the Executive Director of Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU), an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and an Associate Minister at St. John’s UCC, North Grand. Prior to joining MCU, David served as a local church pastor in South Bend, Indiana where he led clergy through the founding of a new Gamaliel affiliate. MCU was thrust into Ferguson work, helping to organize clergy and safe spaces. David grew up in O’Fallon, the son of Rev. Walter Gerth and Betty Gerth. He and his wife, Lisa Williams, live in the Shaw neighborhood of St. Louis.


Lorren Buck, a native of St Louis,is an educator and community leader. She is the Coordinator for Diversity, Summer Programs and Community Outreach at Wash U Med School. She is an ordained minister and motivational speaker. Lorren’s work history includes non-profit development and management on the local and state level.  As a former health educator, Lorren’s passion has led her to address systemic oppression and disparities surrounding inclusion. Lorren’s civil attachments include being the Chief Ministry Officer for a local church and has been instrumental in its growth and development.  

2841 N Ballas Road | Saint Louis, Missouri 63131
314-872-9330 | www.parkwayucc.org



Town & Country Symphony Orchestra Concert 3/15

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shutterstock_93227572Town & Country Symphony Orchestra

Sunday, March 15 | 2:30pm | FREE

David Peek, Conductor

Concerto for 4 Violins—Vivaldi

Pelleas and Melisande—Faure

Rapsodie por Orchestre et Saxophone in E—Debuassy

Symphony #39 in Bb—Mozart

Prairie Night & Celebration Dance (From Billy the Kid)—Copland



The Town and Country Symphony is partnering with the Food Pantry at Pilgrim Congregational located at 826 Union Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63108.

While the Town & Country Symphony feeds your soul with music, art and culture, we recognize that there are many less fortunate in our community who require more basic needs for immediate sustenance of food. The orchestra thanks you for your donation of non-perishable food items, and knows that all will be blessed by these gifts.  Since June of 2014, the Food Pantry at Pilgrim has served 678 families which consisted of nearly 2000 recipients.

Donations will be accepted at the door.

Jesus Has Left the Building March 29

Jesus Has Left the Building
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Sunday, Mar 29 | following 8:30am worship | the community

Jesus Has Left the Building3-20-25 Update:

As a part of JHLTB3, we are asking you to do some Spring Cleaning and bring donations of books, shoes, clothes, household items, sports equipment this Sunday, anytime during the week or next Sunday. Please place items in the corner of the Gathering Space by the light switches and History Tower. Thank you!

This experience is back by popular demand! Jesus has left the building in order to feed people; bless children; discover the stranger; provide healing; support and encourage those who were struggling; honor ancestors; appreciate and enjoy nature; and much more.

Join us for a brief worship service where we will sing, pray, hear scripture, share communion and be commissioned to be Christ-like…sent to put our faith into action right away!

View photos from JHLTB 2013 & 2014:


Jesus has Left the Building

[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_2013-06-30-09-27-55.jpg]350
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_2013-06-30-09-32-19.jpg]250
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_2013-06-30-09-37-43.jpg]230
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_2013-06-30-09-56-20.jpg]180
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_2013-06-30-10-20-43.jpg]160
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_2013-06-30-11-05-39.jpg]170
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-after.jpg]160
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-sign.jpg]120
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_leading-prideparade2013.jpg]150
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-after3.jpg]100
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-after4.jpg]80
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-before.jpg]50
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-before2.jpg]40
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-carmen-maya.jpg]40
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-dexter-carmen.jpg]70
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-during.jpg]50
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-george-mueller-headstone.jpg]50
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-kent-dexter-carmen.jpg]40
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-kent-dexter-carmen2.jpg]50
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-kent-dexter-carmen4.jpg]40
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-marion.jpg]40
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-marvin.jpg]40
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-maya.jpg]50
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-reggie.jpg]60
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-roger-marvin-reggie.jpg]50
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-roger.jpg]40
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_cemetery-the-crew.jpg]40
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_childrens-home-3.jpg]90
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_childrens-home.jpg]100
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_chs5.jpg]60
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_hindu-temple.jpg]120
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_img_1728.jpg]60
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_img_2118.jpg]70
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_img_2119.jpg]40
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_img_2120.jpg]30
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_img_2121.jpg]40
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_img_2123.jpg]30
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_img_2124.jpg]30
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_img_2125.jpg]40
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_img_2127.jpg]40
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_img_2129.jpg]50
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_leading-prideparade2013_0.jpg]60
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_bologna.jpg]90
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_2014-03-jesushlbldg-4.jpg]10
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_2014-03-jesushlbldg-6.jpg]10
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_2014-03-jesushlbldg-9.jpg]20
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_2014-03-jesushlbldg-13.jpg]10
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_2014-03-jesushlbldg-15.jpg]10
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_img_3475.jpg]10
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_jhltb2-sorting-canned-goods.jpg]10
[img src=http://parkwayucc.org/blog/wp-content/flagallery/jesus-has-left-the-building/thumbs/thumbs_wp_20140330_11_24_49_smart.jpg]40

Pre-Post-Racial America: Continuation of Sacred Conversations on Race

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pre-post_racial_america_640Saturday, March 28 | 10:30am | Parkway United Church of Christ

Join Sandhya Jha, author of the upcoming book Pre-Post-Racial America: Spiritual Stories from the Front Lines, as she addresses the hot topic in a way that is grounded in real people’s stories and that offers solid biblical grounding for thinking about race relations in America, reminding us that God calls us to build Beloved Community. Books are available in the church office.

Read the press release!

In the context of Ferguson and PUCC’s developing conversations on race, this is an event with a larger reach for the community to hear from a trained facilitator on anti-racism and reconciliation. We’ll be talking to mainline congregations, religious leaders, and laypeople interested in improving race relations in the community.

2nd Mile Lent & Easter 2015

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Go the second mile with us this spring!

The Christian Services Commission is pleased to announce that Parkway will again support four worthy organizations with its Second Mile Giving for Lent and Easter. We believe this blend of support will help Parkway create a local, national and international impact with its gifts. Please remember that Second Mile Giving is over and beyond the Operational Budget and donations will be divided evenly among the organizations listed below. Please be generous as these organizations depend on our gifts.

Lydia’s House in St. Louis

Lydia’s House works in faith to end domestic violence by being a place of healing and a voice of hope for abused women and their children. The agency provides safe, confidentially-located furnished apartments for up to two years, assists women in creating and implementing goal plans that will help them live independently, and increases community awareness of domestic violence. For more info, please visit lydiashouse.org


Neighborhood Houses

For more than 100 years, Neighborhood Houses has loved children in St Louis. Currently, there are three main facets to their mission: Early Childhood Education – Caroline Mission is a licensed and accredited Early Childhood Education facility operated by Neighborhood Houses. Our Mission is to provide quality affordable child care for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Caroline Mission is a “home away from home”.

Girls’ Night Out: Neighborhood Houses and Parents as Teachers collaborated together in the design and execution of a program dedicated to supporting and assisting young mothers, ages 13-22.“Girls Night Out” is designed to promote healthy individuals and families.

After School Programs: Neighborhood Houses is the #1 provider of after school programming with the St Louis Public Schools … fun & creative activities, homework assistance, character education, cultural awareness, health & fitness focus, arts & crafts, supervised recreation, and much more! For more information, please visit neighborhoodhouses.org


Heifer International

Heifer International does so much more than put food in the mouths of hungry people. Heifer helps people to feed themselves. The goal of every Heifer project is sustainability – project partners achieving self-reliance. And year after year, as partner families “pass on the gift” of knowledge and one or more of their animals’ offspring to others in need, they become links in a network of hope, dignity and self-reliance that helps hundreds of others care for themselves. For more information, please visit heifer.org


More Mo-Val Campers!

Where did you learn to sing Kum bah Yah? For many of us the answer would be our first church camp experience. Church camp also brings memories of outdoor activities from boating and swimming to hiking, campfires and roasted marshmallows. We met new friends, gained fresh perspective on ourselves and our faith. Church camp can be a special time of both introspection and commitment to serve. Our Missouri Mid-South Conference has a wonderful facility at Camp Mo-Val. We will make full scholarships ($440) available to clients of UCC organizations (Emmaus Homes, Every Child’s Hope and Neighborhood Houses) and need-based scholarships to children of PUCC members. What better way to support an outstanding UCC facility and make a difference in a young person’s life!

Please be sure to clearly mark your 2nd Mile gifts throughout the season of Lent/Easter. Thank you!