August 21, 2018

Get Involved

At Parkway United Church of Christ, there are limitless opportunities to get involved. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to share your God-given talents, dig deeper into your own understanding of God’s will or looking for fellowship, you’ll find it here. No matter who you are or where you are in life's journey, we have a place for you.

The Christian Services Commission of Parkway UCC facilitates much of our congregational and community service. The goal is to educate the congregation on the needs of our church, our community, and the world. Some of the church’s participation in giving is included in the general budget. Other opportunities of giving are choices suggested throughout the year. As our congregational vision statement says, “we shall seek the way of God in today’s world through joyful worshiping, inclusive caring and compassionate serving.”

The giving opportunities suggested are by no means meant to be obligations. It is our desire that it be your choice as to which you support and how you support them. We recognize it is difficult to give to all those in need and that many of us also have favorite charities outside our church. Please give as you are able, faithful to your own heart.

TED Summer Break

The Tuesday Evening Dialogue (TED) goes on summer break for August and will be reconvening on September 11 when we will begin discussions of the Walter Bruggemann book A Gospel of Hope. Look for copies in the church office in the upcoming weeks. A potluck/movie night is in the works for August; stay tuned for more information.  As always—ALL welcome! For more information contact Karen Boyd at

August 2018 Adult Education Offerings

Worship Focus Group on August 5 The two worship vitality teams and the Worship Commission invite you to join us on August 5 in the Gathering Space following the morning worship service. Light refreshments will be provided. Please plan to be part of the discussion—feedback on our summer worship experiences, dreaming and visioning future worship experiences at PUCC!


The Parkway Sustainability Seekers will sponsor a two-part adult education opportunity on August 12 and 26, presenting the film Racing Extinction, an eco-thriller that examines mankind’s role in mass extinction. Filmed by an Academy Award®-winning film crew using state-of-the-art equipment, the documentary attempts to change how we understand endangered species and mass extinction. Racing Extinction was well reviewed when originally shown on the Discovery Channel and has been described as both “sobering and hopeful.” The film and discussion will begin at 11:15am in the Heritage Room. Contact Polly Winkelmann: | 314-503-4805


Jane Biehl, PHD, is a frequent visitor to Parkway. She is the sister of member Susan Moellering and her biggest fan! Jane’s home church is Congregational United Church of Christ, an open and affirming congregation in Canton, Ohio.

Jane has had several careers including librarian, counselor, college teacher and writer. Jane was born hard of hearing and is now profoundly deaf. Her faithful hearing ear dog, Sita, has been partnered with her for 11 years.

Jane will be speaking on August 19th about 2 of her latest books. Paw Prints On My Soul; Lessons of a Service Dog, is a devotional about all the wonderful teachings Sita has given her. Unfortunately, Sita will not be there because she is too old to travel. Jane was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow cancer in 2010 and her second book is Life is Short – Eat the Donut: Insights from my Cancer Journey. Jane will be bringing books with her and will autograph them for anyone who is interesting in buying them. She will speak about both of her books and how both Sita and the cancer have profoundly affected her faith journey.

Help Yourself and Others: 4E Training July 22

Help Yourself and Others: 4E Training

Sunday, July 22 | Lunch 11:00am | Class 11:30am-1:30pm | Parkway UCC

Please come to this class, open to all, taught by the Town and Country Police Department. There is no charge for attending, and a free will offering will be accepted to cover the cost for lunch. 4E means “Educate, Evade, Evacuate, Engage” and it is a method to respond to an active attack on people with the potential to harm or kill. This response method is now in use county wide and community police are educating schools, businesses, churches, and any organization where people gather. Attending this class is the first “E” of the method: Educate. What you learn will increase your chance of surviving an attack anywhere it may occur. Please sign up for the class by sending an email with the name or names attending to Presented by the Emergency Procedures Team.

Calling ALL SAINTS to TREAT THE TRICKED 10/28 – 11/3

Calling ALL SAINTS to TREAT THE TRICKED 10/28 – 11/3

Adult Mission Trip | Back Bay Mission, Mississippi

Tom or Kris McKenzie | 314-567-0429 |

Please commit to helping the homeless and financially challenged people of the Back Bay, Mississippi, area, near Biloxi.  In affiliation with The UCC Back Bay Mission we will be helping those in need of shelter, food and general needs.  We will be staying at Back Bay Mission’s deluxe bunkhouse and combining efforts with 3 other UCC church groups from Michigan and Texas.
For more information visit and/or see the sign-up board in the Gathering Space. Sign-up soon; space is limited.

Muny Memories—100 Years on Stage July 31

Celebrate St. Louis Muny Opera at a special Exhibit:

Muny Memories—100 Years on Stage

Tuesday, July 31, 2018, |9:30 carpool| 10:00 Missouri History Museum

The Not Just for Men Group will visit the 6000 square foot exhibit celebrating 100 years of Musical Theater. We will carpool from the church at 9:30 to arrive at 10am.  Admission is free.  We will visit a fine dining establishment after the visit.  Call Harold Cobb (314) 965-4147 or with questions or plan to attend.

Clang, clang, clang, we are off to The Muny! August 11

Clang, clang, clang, we are off to The Muny!

Sat, Aug 11 | 6:20pm backstage tour | 8:15pm performance| tickets $11.25

Based on the heartwarming 1944 MGM film, Meet Me In St. Louis paints a wholesome portrait of a turn of the century American family. Set in the summer of 1903, the Smiths eagerly await the grand opening of the 1904 World’s Fair. With hits such as “The Trolley Song,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “The Boy Next Door” and the title number, this is the perfect finale to our 100th season, and will evoke nothing but love and pride…right here in St. Louis.

We have reserved a block of tickets to the Muny for Meet Me in St. Louis. In past years they have had fireworks in Forest Park. Please rsvp to Dan Connors (314-651-0279 | before July 27.

Recap of Jesus Has Left the Building 7

Jesus Has Left the Building 7

We went out into the community to serve. Here are the details…


NJFM and Sustainability Seekers to tour Alberici Headquarters in Overland June 5

Do You Like Seeing Green? NJFM and Sustainability Seekers to tour Alberici Headquarters in Overland.
June 5, 2018 |10:00am | Carpool from church at 9:30am for a 10:00am tour

Come see for yourself the amazing “green” approach that Alberici took in constructing their new corporate headquarters in Overland. The site satisfies the LEED Platinum criteria, including Sustainability Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Material and Resource, Indoor Air Quality and Innovation. We will have lunch in the area following the tour. Please RSVP: Harold Cobb, 314-965-4147 or

Community Interfaith Iftar (Please Register!)

Tue, Jun 5 | 7:30pm

Intertwine: “to be connected so as to be difficult to separate.”

The Christian Services Commission is launching Intertwinean interfaith initiative to build positive relationships while learning more about other faith communities. We strive to celebrate both our similarities and our differences with members of various faiths and backgrounds. In this time when divisiveness may seem like the norm, we strive to celebrate both our similarities and our differences with members of various faiths and backgrounds. 

With the help of Beth Damsgaard-Rodriguez of Interfaith Quest, we are launching the Intertwine initiative with three events this year. People of all faiths (or no faith) and all ages are encouraged to attend.


Interfaith Iftar is our next event with the help of friends from the Turkish American Society of MO (TASOM). What’s an iftar? During the month of Ramadan, a month of reflection and spiritual growth, Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset. The fast is broken together with the prayer said at sunset. TASOM is honored to share this important time with interfaith friends and will bring traditional food to enjoy the breaking of the fast together. Come learn the meaning of Ramadan and explore shared values of hospitality with informal discussions during the meal. There will also be brief presentations of how interfaith interactions have impacted youth and TASOM. Participants are encouraged (not required) to donate $5 per person to cover the cost of food. RSVP to Beth Damsgaard-Rodriguez of Interfaith Quest (314-662-2928)by May 30.


Other Ramadan opportunities:

Fast-a-Thon Experience—abstaining from food and drink for one day to experience and understand the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. Consider donating the money that would have been spent on food to TASOM. These funds will help support a refugee family to show hospitality to newcomers.


Family Iftar Dinners—Share an iftar between families. As the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches, Turkish American Society of Missouri and Niagara Foundation invite you to attend a Home-Based Family Iftar Dinner with local Muslim host families. The meals will be in individual homes between May 17 and June 13. Please sign up for the Iftar and the family dinner through these links. In the field that asks for “title/organization” please type “Parkway UCC.”

Read & discuss with us this summer!

Tuesday Evening Dialogue (TED) Summer Offerings

2nd & 4th Tuesdays | 6:00-8:30pm | Heritage Room | Potluck & Discussion

Paperback copies are available in the church office.

The Tuesday Evening Dialogue will meet in June and July, and then take “August off” until we reconvene again after Labor Day. Books are available in the church office.


On June 12 and 26, TED will discuss Why I Left; Why I Stayed, by Tony Campolo and Bart Campolo. The book is described as “conversations on Christianity between an evangelical father and his humanist son.” Tony Campolo is a retired professor and best-selling author and speaker on Christian topics. Bart Campolo is a counselor and humanist chaplain at USC. At a family Thanksgiving dinner several years ago, Bart disclosed that he no longer believed in God. That family dilemma developed into an opportunity for a dialog in which father and son each had to reconsider his personal journey of faith, and the two found themselves discussing central questions of faith and belief across their differences. This book resulted from that dialogue. In the preface, the authors suggest that their dialogue “can make room for our readers to think through and mediate on some of life’s ultimate issues.”


In July, TED will shift to a lighter reading, as it takes up Philip Gulley’s Home to Harmony on July 10 and 24. Gulley, a Quaker pastor, writes in his Harmony series of novels (of which this is the first) about a small Indiana congregation with a diverse set of members, each with his or her own personality quirks, special interests, and regular reasons to seek personal attention from the pastor—that is, a congregation most decidedly unlike ours! Gulley paints amusing but loving pictures of all of the church members, while turning a gimlet eye on many church traditions (Is the Friendly Women’s Circle’s annual Chicken Noodle Dinner really the most sacred event of the church year?), all through the eyes of a caring and patient (well, most of the time) pastor.